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november // goals recap


This month (okay, this whole year) has just flown by. I can’t believe there is only one month left in 2015.

Speaking of, I’m really looking forward to 2016. Not that anything crazy or particularly special is happening next year (that I’m aware of as of now), I just am feeling really optimistic. I’ve made a lot of progress this year, at my job, with my life, and with myself. It feels good to look back on the year and say, “you know what? I’m better today than I was when the year started. I’ve made progress in these 11 months.”

I was just having a conversation with my boyfriend the other night about how good it feels to be proud of yourself. The last six or so years have been very difficult for me, lots of ups and downs and downs, but in the end I really am stronger and a better person for what I have dealt with. I’ve learned that you are the only person who can save yourself, because nobody else is going to. And at some point, I think most people get to where they either have to save themselves or they will just fade out and give up. I feel like this year I’ve finally grasped that concept, and realized that I’m tired of half-living. I can’t let my past hold me back any longer, and I can’t let my physical and mental struggles be the main focus of my life. I’m finally ready to let go, and to become who I am without being ashamed of myself anymore.

Ahem. If you read that long little ramble, thanks. If not, that’s cool too, let’s move on.

How did I do this month on the goals I set? Let’s see…


{go to the gym 3x a week}

Nope. The first two weeks I did well, but halfway through the month my deck tried to kill me and I slipped and fell directly on my back, bruising my tailbone. It hurts to bend, or move quickly, or lift anything, so I’ve been sticking with gentle stretching and icing it. Unfortunately, haven’t been able to go to the gym and not quite sure when I’ll be able to go back.


{make one new recipe every week}

Yes! This one I’ve really been following through with. I’ve made several new dinners this month (one review from my boyfriend was: THIS IS THE BEST THING YOU’VE EVER MADE [thanks Tieghan]) and made three new recipes for Thanksgiving. I’m going to continue this goal into next month because it has really motivated me to try new things.


{manage my stress}

Um. Not that well. Not being able to exercise just makes me more stressed… And besides that I don’t think I’ve done a great job trying to reduce my stress. I have drank a shit-ton of coffee this month. Does that count?


{eat less processed foods}

I’ve done pretty well at this. I’ve still let myself have some treats (hello, trader joe’s salted caramel peanut butter truffles), but in general have done a good job at limiting my intake of garbage-snacks (processed snacks, not food from the garbage).


{take more photos}

I’ve done okay, but could do better. I have played around with my new lens quite a bit, but haven’t played around with portraits or different subjects like I want to yet. Will definitely get more opportunities next month for some photo taking, especially on Christmas.


How did November go for you? Did you achieve anything you’re really proud of this month, or this year?


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