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friday five // five ways to have better days

We’ve all heard it. You can improve your days and your mood by getting more exercise. Eating healthier. Spending time with people you love. But what about when that isn’t enough? What about when you’re in a happiness rut and you just don’t know what to do to improve your days?

What about when you’re me, and you’re extremely accident prone, and you fell and bruised your tailbone? I finally went to the chiropractor yeterdayand he verified that yes, my tailbone is bruised, and that it could be a few more weeks until it feels better. Until then, only very very light exercise if I can find anything that doesn’t hurt. So far, I can stretch and that’s about it. I hate not being able to work out! I feel so lethargic and gross. Better just work on that flexibility and hop back on the yoga train once my back has a little more mobility.

Okay, enough about me and my clumsy-ass problems. Read on for five suggestions I have that have really helped me. I hope they work out for you as well!

{get as much ready as possible the night before}

I always ask myself this question: will I like myself tomorrow because of this? I do everything I can ahead of time to make my morning as smooth and easy as possible, regardless of my mood or if I wake up late.
I always have my lunch ready the night before, have my snacks for work put together, have a k-cup in the keurig and make sure the water is full, have my keys and sunglasses by the door. It really helps create a less stressful morning.

{start your morning with five minutes of yoga or meditation}

Bear with me. I know that for most people, mornings are rushed and only the bare essentials are done. But by taking just five minutes at the beginning of your day to focus solely on yourself, you begin the day so much more peacefully than when you dive right into the morning. Try this out for one week and see how much it improves your mornings, and hopefully, your whole day! Speaking of focusing on yourself, this brings me to my next tip…

{set your intention at the beginning of the day}

What do you need today to be? Do you need today to be relaxing, or do you need today to be productive? Lately, I have been trying to set an intention for the day to bring focus to what my priority is. I have an easy time getting overwhelmed by life, and this helps to pull me back in. My intention this morning: to be productive and peaceful.

{add something fun to your to-do list}

You’ve probably heard this before. But, it makes sense. If your to-do list is filled to the brim with tedious tasks, you’re bound to feel burned out by the end of the day. Sneak in a couple of tasks that you enjoy (or at least don’t mind) completing, like taking your dog for a walk or reading a chapter in your book, and you will feel much more accomplished while still being productive.

{take some vitamin d}
Seriously. Odds are, you aren’t getting enough vitamin d. Taking a vitamin d supplement, particularly in the winter or if you live in the northern states, can really impact your mood and improve your days.


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