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november // things I’m feeling this month

It’s finally starting to feel like winter, and I absolutely love it. I live for the months of september to december. I love the cold, the rainy days, the nice cozy feeling of drinking a mug of tea cuddled up in a warm blanket on the couch while is dark outside. love it. This morning there is actually frost. On the ground. SO EXCITED.

This month, we have all kinds of goodness going on. the 18th was my boyfriend’s birthday, Thanksgiving is next week already (excited to try some new recipes!), and then before you know it will be december and christmas and then the year is over and disappointment ensues.

Sorry. I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Anyway, here are some things I’m down with this month:

master of none, which I’ve already finished. Sigh. And cmon guys, it’s basically winter so you can’t not expect a netflix show on here for when I’m a couch noodle. This show is hilarious.

the neighbourhood – wiped out! I love the neighbourhood. While this doesn’t quite measure up to their debut, it’s still really good and I’ve been listening  to it on repeat. Nice chill vibes ✌I particularly love daddy issues and greetings from califournia.

Currently obsessed with opi’s today I accomplished zero. Dark, glittery, moody. Perfect for fall.

This piece on how to want very little makes me want to downsize my life.

Christmas wrapping paper at target. I’ve spent more time lately than I’d care to admit browsing the wrapping paper at target. But I mean, I had to pick up a prescription. And then last week I had to get wrapping paper for my boyfriend’s birthday presents and ended up in the Christmas wrapping paper section. And proceeded to buy three rolls of glittery, gold and black and white, shimmering paper. The “premium wrap” is thicker and shinier than the regular paper, and I love it. Plus such cute patterns. I promise target didn’t pay me to write this. (I wish. They could pay me in holiday decor.)

Pomegranates! Seriously obsessed with adding them to everything right now. Oatmeal, toast, salads…. I was a complete idiot, buying pomegranate aerils in packages that cost four times as much as they should, until a couple months ago when I came upon this article on Greatist that opened my eyes to a whole world of easy pomegranates ready to be devoured. I highly recommend checking that out if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of getting those delightful seeds out of their weird red shell.


Hope you’re all having a wonderful November so far!


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