workout wednesday // my fave workout gear

Whether you spend six days a week at the gym, or you have just decided to get into fitness, chances are, you might need to upgrade some of your workout gear.

Here are my favorites for yoga, workout clothes, and accessories that can make your fitness life easier.



{manduka yoga mat} these mats are the best. I have had the Eko lite for about three years and aside from a couple kitty scratches and hairdye stains (oops), this baby is in great condition. It is durable, has a nice amount of grip, and doesn’t have that weird chemical smell that some mats have. The “lite” versions of the mats are lighter weight and easier to carry to and from class.


{yoga mat sling} speaking of carrying your mat: the sling! The savior of yoga mat transfer. Any brand will do here. I’ve had a cheapy off-brand one for years and it works just fine.


{gaiam cork block} my favorite blocks, both in look and feel. I really prefer the cork to the foam blocks. They give me better grip and the rounded edges are a nice touch.

Workout apparal:



{90 degrees by reflex} by far my favorite for workout pants. I have several pairs and they’re all super comfortable for both gym and life, very durable, and above all, they’re extremely flattering. These pants make me feel and look goooood.



{new balance} I think I’ve mentioned before I’m one of those people who finds something they like and then proceeds to buy it in all the colors. This sports bra? I have it in four colors. And wish I had more.




{forever 21} surprisingly, forever 21 has some really great workout clothes. It seems to be higher quality than their regular clothes, they have a huge inventory with lots of variety, and it’s all super fashionable and cute. I definitely recommend checking out their activewear if you’re looking for cute, inexpensive workout wear.



{foam roller} while I don’t own one, my gym has several and I always include foam rolling in my cool down/stretching routine. Black foam rollers are more dense than white, so foam rolling beginners may want to start with a white foam roller to ease into it. Foam rolling takes some getting used to, but I find it a very effective method for easing muscle pain.


{reusable water bottle} tons of options out there, but I love my camelback eddy bottle. Perfect size, nice little straw for drinking, pretty colors.


{gym bag} I don’t have a ton of stuff to carry to the gym, if I even need a bag, so I prefer something smaller like this Nike bag.

What are your favorite workout clothes or gear? I’d love to hear from you guys!


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