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national cat day

Oh, glorious day!

I have been released from the clutches of jury duty!

And… It’s national cat day? Best day ever.

My kitties are among my favorite things in the world. Both of them are rescue kitties, or more accurately, both of them stumbled upon my boyfriend and adopted him as their human.

This is Kittypie.


My boyfriend had her before we started dating. Her name was just Kitty when I met her, but the ‘pie’ got added on at some point.



She’s a little sweetheart who loves to stand on your stomach, do the little mixing move with her paws, and lick your hair.



She’s weird.

This in Bandit.


Bandit is my special little buddy. He is the best cat I’ve ever had in my life (and I’ve had a lot). He is the snuggliest, most loving little guy.



His top passions in life include eating, laying on/chewing on shoes (I swear he thinks he’s a dog), and sleeping. On my head. His favorite sleeping spot is my pillow, regardless of if my head is there or not.




To some people, cats are just pets. For me, they’re honestly members of the family. These two bring so much joy into my life. No matter how bad of a day I had at work, or if I haven’t showered yet, or just don’t feel like talking, these two are always happy to see me and love me. And isn’t that what family is about?

Happy national cat day, everyone.


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