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lazy fajita salad

Let me set the scene for you:

Saturday, about 11:45 am, just getting home from working out. Very hungry. Open the fridge to a nearly empty, end of the week, shell of disappointment. All you see is leftovers and like, ten apples.

What’s a girl to do?

Well if you’re me, aka the crazy salad lady, you’ll end up with a fajita salad.


I had leftover chicken, onion, and bell pepper strips from fajitas I made last night, and a few leftover roasted baby reds from two nights ago. I chopped up the roasted potatoes, crisped them up in a pan on the stove, then added the fajita mixture to heat it up. Threw all of that on a bed of romaine and spring greens, drizzled on some salsa verde, and used a side of peach-pineapple salsa for dressing.


Boom! Problem solved.


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