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friday five // top five fall fashion must haves

You know what is really not cool this month?

Being on call for jury duty. Seriously. For the whole month.  How is that even allowed?

So every night, I have to call the hotel one and find out when I need to come in. And every couple of days, it will change. So incredibly inconvenient with work, having to reschedule patients at the busy dental office I work at, only to find that nevermind guys just kidding I don’t have to go in until next Monday.

And the thing I’m most upset about during all of this? I have a haircut Monday and do not want to cancel.

I am in dire need of a haircut. But as it sounds like I’ll be cancelling that appointment and waiting another two months to get in with my hairdresser, let’s move past hair and focus on clothes instead.

Oh yes. Clothes. Have I mentioned I love clothes and I love shopping? And yet, somehow, I never have anything to wear.

Gotta go shopping.

These are my top five must haves for Fall.


{ combat boots }
I have a pair very similar to these and love them. I wear them all the time. In fact, I’m actually crazy, and have two pairs of the same boots. Let me explain. One pair can get dirty, one pair stays clean. So when I’m going on a hike but want to look cute, that’s where the dirty boots come in. Going out to dinner? Clean boots. Makes sense, right?



{ blanket scarf }
Totally swooning over blanket scarves this season. I especially love this creamy colored one from Urban Outfitters. Definitely going on my list of what to look for when I go shopping!


{ waterfall cardigan }
So comfy and cozy without looking sloppy. As much as I want to live in yoga pants and hoodies, Sometimes I like to look nicer than that. These flowy sweaters are perfect with jeans, leggings, and dresses. Basically, they go with everything.


{ patterned beanie }
Okay, I’m down with beanies year-round. But as the weather starts to cool down, these are a must have (especially when you’re leaving for work at 6:30 am and it’s still dark out). But come on! Bad hair day? Beanie. Cold head? Beanie. Just wanna look hella cute? Beanie. Can’t argue with logic.



{ oversized plaid shirts }
Fall is the plaid season. They just go hand-in-hand. I’m particularly loving oversized plaids, with leggings and combat boots.

What are your favorites for fall? I always love inspiration for more cute outfits!


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