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Mmmm… Salad.


Does anyone else think this or do I just sound like a talking version of those laughing at salad ladies?

Regardless. 100% sincerely. I. Love. Salad.


Today for lunch I wanted to switch it up from the salad I usually take to work with some different flavors. I started with mixed greens, topped them with yellow and orange bell pepper, mushrooms, celery, barbecued chicken leftover from dinner, and pomegranate seeds. I’ve been obsessed with pomegranate seeds lately. I want them on everything. Salads, soy yogurt, cereal, peanut butter toast, just in my mouth. So good.

On the side I have Annie’s organic honey mustard dressing which is really, really good. I’ve been searching for a honey mustard dressing that isn’t full of chemicals/hfcs/a million calories and tastes good. Surprisingly hard to find. Enter Annie’s. Seriously, if you like honey mustard, do yourself a flavor favor and pick this ish up. It made my mouth very happy.

What’s your favorite dressing and toppings combo for salad? I’m always looking for new delicious salad ideas.


4 thoughts on “salaaaaad

  1. Looks so good. I made tomato-parsley salad sometimes back, with coconut , some thin slice of carrot, italian olives and some boiled egg. Added some peanuts and algerian chilli sauce too. I had it with French wine, ohh super delic !

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