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things i’m feeling lately

Is there anything you just can’t get enough of lately?

I’m the kind of person who finds something, likes it and continues to like it and watch/listen to/eat for quite a while before moving on. I don’t really get bored of things. My boyfriend still doesn’t understand how I can eat the same thing everyday for breakfast and lunch and not get sick of it. Or how I’m playing the same album in my car as the last time he was in my car. I guess when I like something, I get a tiny bit obsessed.

When all you do is work and it’s too hot outside and there is too much to clean and get done on your days off, you’re left to find entertainment inside. AKA the Internet. Here are some things I like lately:

{this recipe} seriously, healthy General Tso’s chicken? Sign me up. My boyfriend is obsessed with the sauce. So far I’ve made General Tso’s chicken, shrimp, turkey meatballs… The possibilities are endless.

{this album} I’ve had this on repeat since the day it came out. Seriously, I listen to it at least once a day. Halsey, I love you.

{this website} for a (wannabe) shopping addict, this is both wonderful and dangerous. I’ve been selling stuff and clearing out my closet… To spend the money on more clothes. But hey, still cheaper than retail. Speaking of clothes…

{this brand} some of their stuff is completely ridiculous and as much as I love it, wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it in public (always paranoid about seeing my patients from work, y’know?). Their tees are ridiculously soft. As a general rule, I buy things based off of how soft they are. These tees make me happy.

And finally…

{this blog} okay, I know anyone who reads food blogs already knows about Half Baked Harvest, but seriously. Every single photo of hers has me drooling. I wish I had more time so I could make literally everything on her website.


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