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memorial day weekend recap


Went to Seattle this weekend to go to a dental convention for work. Drove up Friday morning, went to lunch and Pike’s Place market, got coffee, and walked around for a couple hours before checking into our hotel.


Despite being from the Pacific Northwest, our group decided to go tourist style and went on a duck bus tour. For everyone who doesn’t know (which included me until two days ago), the duck bus is a bus that can travel on both land and water. We had a hilarious tour guide who sang to the silly music he played, danced, and educated us on Seattle landmarks in a humorous way. The tour guide totally reminded me of Anders from Workaholics so that’s what I was thinking about the whole time. We went out on Lake Washington which was a little terrifying when the bus started to decend into the water… The suspenseful music playing didn’t help.


Friday night the whole office went out to dinner and had a couple drinks. I had a honey-garlic salmon that was pretty bomb. Accompanied by some delicious hard cider. The restaurant was way too dark to even attempt to take a picture of dinner.


Saturday morning we went to a lecture. After, I went to lunch with a couple girls and we came home! I was exhausted and was basically a sloth the rest of the night.


It’s not Memorial Day Weekend without some grilling… Boyfriend grilled up some shrimp and chicken. So good.


Finished Sunday night off with a nice little fire. And smores, because you can’t have a fire without smores.


Also, if you haven’t had a smores(smore?) with a reese’s instead of the chocolate, you’re missing out.


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